A divorce can create feelings of anger and resentment between the spouses, and in some cases that can motivate one or both of them to start hiding their assets and under-reporting their income. Sometimes, our scrutiny reveals that the deception began occurring long before the divorce.


The skilled attorneys at the Manhattan law firm of Mazur, Bocketti, Nisonoff Khavulya P.C., have in-depth knowledge of matrimonial litigation, and we have become well-known for our diligent attention to detail, investigation and discovery of assets, as well as electronic discovery, which can be the key when proving these types of cases.


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In addition to our extensive experience in all matters related to divorce, we have developed a strong network of professionals, such as investigators, forensic accountants, business evaluators and others who assist us in detecting a wide range of deception, including offshore banking.


Matrimonial litigation is a highly specialized area of the law, because there are many deceitful tactics used to hide/under-report assets. Our Brooklyn divorce attorneys are proficient in detecting and proving these cases of fraud, which ensures our clients will receive the equitable division of property they are legally entitled to.


Our divorce lawyers will work closely with you to strategically negotiate the best possible outcome for your circumstances. You can be confident that we will protect your best interests, so your compromises will not be at your cost.


To discuss your divorce with one of our accomplished New Jersey divorce attorneys, please contact us to arrange an appointment at our New York City law office.

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