Both parents are financially responsible for raising their child, but that does not mean that they pay equal amounts of child support. The amount (if any) for each parent varies according to numerous factors, including the state guidelines.


The courts also have a certain amount of discretion when making decisions in a divorce case that involves children. In addition to determining what circumstances will serve the best interests of the child, there are many other considerations.


The knowledgeable divorce attorneys at Mazur, Bocketti, Nisonoff Khavulya P.C.,  can help reduce conflict by managing your legal matters directly while keeping you aware of developments in your case through regular status updates. Our experienced team of legal professionals can efficiently guide you through this complex process and maximize your chances of obtaining a positive outcome.


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In New York, as well as in many other states, spousal support or alimony is also referred to as maintenance because the spouse who earns more wages may be responsible for helping the other spouse maintain their standard of living for a set amount of time during and/or after the divorce.


Unfortunately, custody battles can occur between parents who are angry about the divorce and treat the issues related to their children as crucial bargaining tools. Our Brooklyn child support attorneys have extensive experience negotiating mutually beneficial agreements. When negotiation is not possible, our lawyers create strong legal strategies that can block the tactics of the opposing counsel and work to protect and secure your rights when it involves issues relating to the children.


To learn more about your legal rights and the options available to you regarding spousal support and child support, including enforcement and modification, please contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our family law lawyers. You are under no obligation to hire our firm.


We work with men and women in modification/enforcement issues involving:


  • Inability to pay or reduction in child support due to a change in circumstances
  • Increase in child support also due to a change in circumstances
  • Unwillingness to pay child support
  • Adjustment to child support to pay for unexpected costs related to the child's well-being
  • Change in custody arrangements
  • Change in marital status


Thousands of people throughout New York and New Jersey have entrusted their legal matters to our knowledgeable attorneys. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your situation.

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